Does she like you?

This quiz isn't a quiz to see if she likes you. It involves me giving you the best advice on whether to know if she likes you or not, and if she does, what to do.

Enjoy the advice, and find out how smart you are from the last two questions! (You'll see what I mean.) Take my words to heart, you might have a chance with that special someone who you keep catching eyes with!

Created by: Firestar3208
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  1. First, when she talks to you, or when you talk to her, does she seem to pay more attention to you?
  2. Try to be the guy who rescues the "damsel in distress." Does she come and sit next to you and say something like "I'm actually afraid of him now. I'm going to sit here."
  3. Does she like to sit near you? You might notice her gradually inching closer at the lunch table.
  4. If you catch her glancing at you, she probably is interested. However, some flirty girls do this even when they're not interested.
  5. Do you find it easier to talk to her than to talk to other girls? If you do, she probably likes you.
  6. If you're feeling really confident that she likes you but are too shy to ask her in person, slip a note inside her locker or something asking her honestly if she likes you, and leave your number and maybe your first initial. Keep her guessing! This worked for me.
  7. When/if you see her outside of school, what does she do? If she glances at you and then looks back down at whatever she was doing, she's probably not too interested. If she waves and smiles, she's definitely interested in you, unless you guys are good friends. Or, if she glances at you a couple times, she might be shy about saying hi.
  8. Like I said, one of the biggest indicators is how close she likes to sit to you, or if you find her gradually moving closer, day after day...
  9. Be a gentleman. Hold doors open for her when you can. Also, girls go crazy over guys who are good with little kids! Show your caring side to her indirectly. Reveal more about yourself indirectly. If she still shows signs of being interested, she probably likes you.
  10. If you did slip her a note in her locker at the end of the day, and she texted you and found out who you were and said yes, congratulations! Again, I only advise doing this if she has been showing many signs... or else she might think you're a total creep.
  11. Also, you might want to get to know her more before diving headlong into a relationship. Trust plays a huge role. I find it easier talking to my former girlfriend who is still a friend than a girl whom I don't really know well but I know likes me. All because of the fact that I trust my former girlfriend a lot. A LOT.
  12. Thanks for reading my advice on getting to know if she likes you. Again, get to really know her before flirting with her or telling her "I love you!"
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