Does Your Crush Like You?

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Have you ever wondered if that hot guy likes you back? Does he really like you, or is he just interested? Is he your true soul mate, or just an inconvenience? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you daring anough to find out if he likes you? Will you try the advice and know what he thinks? Girls, step right up and take the quiz! In just a few minutes you'll find out!

Created by: Arthranassia
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  1. How much do you like your crush?
  2. Has he ever looked or smiled at you? If so, how many times per day?
  3. Does he follow you?
  4. How many girls does he interact with?
  5. Does he ever do attention grabbing things near you?
  6. Has he ever kissed, held hands, or hugged you?
  7. What do these look like to you? O.O G.G ^.^ :-) :P I.I
  8. Has he ever stood up for you?
  9. What movie character would you describe him as?
  10. What would you think if he asked you on a date?
  11. Is this a great quiz?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You?