Which Harry Potter character are you ?

Their are many Potter-head's in the world! Well if you are a Potter-head then this awesome quiz is perfect for you. When you do this quiz you will find 13 very well written questions that will help you find out which Harry Potter character you are!

Are YOU a Potter-head? Do you have the magical ability to make it through this fantastic quiz? Until now you could only wonder which Harry Potter character you are, well you can find out in only a few minutes!

Created by: Anna

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Hogwarts house are you in?
  2. When you die what do you want people to remember you as?
  3. What does your house look most like?
  4. Do you support Lord Voldemort
  5. According to you which magical school is the best?
  6. What color of hair do you have?
  7. What color of eyes do you have?
  8. Unicorn or Werewolf?
  9. What is your favorite drink?
  10. Favorite season?
  11. Who is your best friend?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character am I ?