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  • 93% Draco

    SassySlytherinxx Mar 8 '19, 11:56PM
    Harry: What?
    Me: I got you again!!!!
    Harry: What's that like the 8,000,000,000 time?
    Me: Close to it.
    Harry: You weren't wrong. These quizzes are always right.
    Me: Save it for next weeks wedding, hon! *blushes*
    Harry: Alright, baby.
    Me: Anyone wanna be my brides maids? Sorry, maid of honor is taken by Hermione.

    Blahh45 Nov 20 '14, 8:33PM
  • Yessss!76% Draco

    ROJINA Jun 20 '13, 1:54AM
  • Draco likes me?? :O Woww[no urls]

    MalorieMoon Oct 10 '11, 6:45PM
  • I got Draco! omgg :$

    natuhleegayle Oct 10 '11, 4:04PM
  • Fred. hmm ;)

    Actress97 Oct 10 '11, 2:36PM
  • George, i've never actually read the books so i just guessed mostly throughout the whole thing!

    Jade Black Oct 10 '11, 1:13PM

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