Which Turbo Teen character are you?

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The characters of Turbo Teen are all trying to make their way in the world, but some of them are striving for different goals. Which one of them are you most like?

Consider the personalities of these six characters. Shelly is mostly inquisitive but prefers to keep her fingernails clean. Megan is a researcher, and prefers to learn first hand. Bret is a man who chooses to hide his abilities except when his friends need help. Greg values his friends and will do anything necessary when they're in need. Collette is flighty and on the move, but knows when her help is needed. And Michelle is always striving to do what it takes to maintain her lifestyle despite her abilities.

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  1. Do you love to take hot showers?
  2. Your favorite foods?
  3. Are you into sports?
  4. You are on vacation and discover someone who needs help. You:
  5. When going someplace, you prefer to:
  6. Your favorite movies:
  7. Your future job ambitions (or current job prospects) include:
  8. In a tense situation where you might pretend to be a superhero, your first instinct is:
  9. Your favorite family game night?
  10. When referring to yourself, you think of yourself:
  11. Your greatest strength:
  12. You're looking for an address. Your first instinct?
  13. Your personal style:
  14. When you meet new people, your first instinct is to:
  15. Your favorite mode of transportation includes:
  16. Halloween comes once a year. Your favorite costume involves:

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Quiz topic: Which Turbo Teen character am I?