Guess the one direction song?

Love one direction. Okay you guys have to guess these one direction song and i hope you get it roght and get a perfect sorce which is 100% made the best to you and i hope you will get it right. I hope you guys might go to their concert and scream out of you head

I totally hate writing these paragraph it so annoy i just want it to disppear and dont come back but you guys she be alright with this quiz because thses are easy and you can be a great person that you have ever been. If you guys see one direction scream and shout and fall to the ground

Created by: amazon of Asianpop
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  1. I tried playing it cool but when im looking at you i cant ever be brave cause you make my heart race
  2. You know i always got your back girl so let me be the one you come running to running to r r running
  3. Na na na he takes your hand i die a little i watch your eye and im a riddle why cant you look me at me like that
  4. Thank you for showing me who you are underneath no thank you i dont need another heart less misery
  5. I will drive past your house and if the light are all out let see whos around
  6. I keep playing inside my head all that you said to me i lie awake to convice myself this was just a dream
  7. Baby you light up my world like no body else the way that you flip you head gets me overwhelm
  8. I want you love like me im a hot guy keep thing of me yeaah do what you like
  9. Finish these lyric: give you this give you that blow a kiss take it back ________?
  10. Goodbye

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