Guess That Theme Song!

Now Most TV Shows Have a Theme Song and the Song Usually Plays in the Beginning of each Episode,Can You Memorize The Television Show Song Lyrics?You Will Find Out in Just a Moment.

Do You like Watching Television?Most People Do Like Watching Tv. Do You Wonder About How Well You Know Theme Song Lyrics. You Will Find Out Right Now, Ps. I Hope You Enjoy The Quiz.

Created by: Sherry

  1. Cause I am You Are,We Are,Exceptional,Yeah Exceptional.What Show is it?
  2. (Easy)Hey Jessie,Hey Jessie.It Feels Like a Party Everyday,Hey Jessie.
  3. (easy too)He's a Family Guuy(it's a show With Seth MacFarlane).
  4. Everywhere You look, Everywhere You Go.
  5. There's 104 Days Of Summer Vacation and School Comes Around...Finish the lyrics to the Phineas and Ferb Theme Song
  6. Everybody,Everybody get Down on the can get a little Crazy.
  7. You Don't Have to be Afraid to Put Your Dreams in Action.
  8. There's no Way I can Make it Without You. Do it Without You.
  9. Timmy is a Average Kid That No One Understand.Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him Commands.(Yeah Twerp).
  10. I'll Always be Picking You Up When Your Down,Just Turn Around (Turn Around).
  11. You're Still In Bed at Ten and Work Began At Eight.You've burned your Breakfast,so Far Things Going Great.

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