would you survive in the desert ?

many people cant survive, but some can, what is your choice ? to survive and not die, or just to give up and dont survive ! then you should look are you a survivor ?

do you think you can survive in the desert ? or in other landscapes ? so now we will see could you survive ? and how long would you ? well, try this quiz then !

Created by: Gundars

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how good do you see ?
  2. how do you hear ?
  3. how much do you know about desert ?
  4. are you good at finding things ?
  5. how much schools did you complete ?
  6. do you live in desert ?
  7. are you good at hiding without furniture or things like that ?
  8. how fast are you ?
  9. how strong are you ?
  10. how good are you at hunting ?
  11. how much do you work per a day ?
  12. do you eat meat ? (are you a vegetarian or not)
  13. have you ever survived in desert ?
  14. have you ever seen someone surviving in desert ? or watched survival shows in TV about desert ?
  15. will you comment your results or just comment and rate this ?

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