Would You Survive? Basic Survival Techniques

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This is a short simple quiz that’ll test your knowledge of survival trivia. Err try your best… most answers are pretty common sense while a few are things that you might have just forgotten or didn’t know that you wanted to know or even needed to know to know how to survive in some dangerous sort of place that I have pretty much no idea what it would be like.

Maybe it would be some sort of forest or desert or mountains or woods or snow or isle or the ocean or a sea or an earthquake (scratch that I only did boy scout stuff maybe ill do natural disaster later…maybe prolly not :P) or a trail or the outback with kangeroos and wallabees and steakhouses… or maybe… blech I don’t know

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

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  1. What is the minimum amount of water that you should keep in your car for emergencies?
  2. What is the universal distress signal?
  3. What is the general rule for finding civilization?
  4. The sun rises in the…?
  5. And sets in the…?
  6. After two days of no water, you come upon a creek. You…
  7. Morning dew can be a great source of water but when is the [b]best[/b] time to collect it?
  8. True or False: Animal tracks can lead you to water
  9. True or False: Beer and soda are very good at hydrating you
  10. True or False: Bitter plants are the least likely to be poisonous and contain the most fiber and nutrition
  11. Three shiny leaves are recognizable characteristics of what well-known plant?
  12. True or False: In extreme cold, tight clothing is best
  13. What is the simplest shelter to build?
  14. What do you think is most important when you need to survive?
  15. Alrighty that’s that. Our extremely basic survival lesson has finished… if you want there are free cookies for those who comment and rate 10 stars... Thanks for taking the quiz. Hope you learned something. If you have a question or want to know a specific answer. Type a comment and ill get back to as soon as I ca-*beep*

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