The Yummy Food Test

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Hello everyone!! I hope you will like my quiz!! Let's see how much you know about food. Hold on...did I leave out yummy? I suppose I did!! Well, forgive me my friend!!

Maybe you don't know anything?? Or are you somewhere in the middle?? Maybe you are my hero??!! If you get nothing, SHAME ON YOU!!! If you score well, "Here's my hero!"

Created by: amazon

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  1. What is held in a cone and is cold?
  2. Is a peach a vegetable or a fuit?
  3. What goes on top of cakes?
  4. Which goes on pancakes?
  5. Which contains dairy?
  6. Sarah is at the resturant.She is a vegetarian. Which set of foods does she take?
  7. Which of these would go in a vegetable salad?
  8. Which of these is ideal for a dessert?
  9. Which is for breakfast?
  10. Which of these would NOT go in a fruit salad?
  11. Which of these is a melon?
  12. Would someone eat caterpillars?
  13. Which can be grown directly in the garden?
  14. Which of these is a herb?
  15. LAST QUESTION:In Canada, which HAS TO be grown in a greenhouse?

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