How well do you Know Warriorcats?

How much of a Warriorcats fan are you, really? Do you know who Graywing REALLY is? Do you know the names of Dovewing's kits? DO YOU KNOW WHICH HERB TREATS SORE THROAT!?

Well you can find out in this hard-core quiz! If you are a TRUE Warriorcats fan, you should have no trouble, but I bet some of you will be sweating when we're done! ARE YOU READY!?

Created by: amazon

  1. Okay let's start easy. What was Firestar's warrior name?
  2. How did Hollyleaf die?
  3. Who is Harry?
  4. Which one of these answers is NOT a cat?
  5. How many toes did Blackstar have in total?
  6. Leopardstar was known as a "Drypaw" as an apprentice. What does this mean?
  7. Crookedstar was never called Crookedkit. What was his original name?
  8. Mistystar and Stonefur are the daughter and son of which couple?
  9. TRUE OR FALSE: Cinderpelt once had a crush on Firestar
  10. Okay, now it's getting hard! Which Clan did the ancient leader Redstar lead?
  11. Which one of these is NOT a healing herb?
  12. How many lives was Sunstar granted?
  13. Who was Crookedstar's mother?
  14. How many lives was Nightstar granted?
  15. Who was the first Medicine Cat?
  16. Which one of these is NOT a real disease?
  17. Okay here's an easy one for you: When is the Gathering held?
  18. What are the names of Dovewing's kits?
  19. LAST QUESTION: Who is Graywing?

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Quiz topic: How well do I Know Warriorcats?