What Draco Malfoy Think Of You? (Girls Only))

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Okay, i want to know what Draco Malfoy think of you girls. no, no with go to my house, but with open this quiz. When you open this quiz, i will see it. and then i will know, what Draco think of you.

Does Draco Malfoy LOVE you? Does Draco Malfoy HATE you? What Draco Malfoy think of you? You want to know? Okay, i will tell you how you know. Open this quiz, answer every question, and then subwit your answer.

Created by: amazon
  1. You: Alicia, you have a friend name Draco Right? Me: Yes, You:Can i meet him? Me: Sure,
  2. Me: Draco, this is my friend, she want to meet you, Draco: Hi, what is your name?
  3. Draco: Where is your house?
  4. Draco: blood status?
  5. Draco: Oh, someone was calling me. wait for a minute. Me: what do you think of he? You:______
  6. Draco: okay, i am back, Me: ask him now Draco, Draco: okay, what is your favorite color?
  7. Draco: will you die for me?
  8. Draco: when i birthday, what you will give to me?
  9. Draco: okay, how about... ouch!(someone threw a bottle of ink to Draco HEAD)
  10. kriiiing!kriiing! you; hallo. oh. oooo! wait for meee! Draco: (laughs) me: haha! wrong number! bye_____!

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