The Spongebob Quiz

Why should i have to write this many words? Its so freaking stupid. Your probably a bunch of small children taking this quiz, so I guess I wont't say

"freaking" anymore. I have to write a second paragraph! How fun is that? The answer is NONE AT ALL. 50 more chatacters.i have 119 words. 137 characters. YAY 150!

Created by: amazon

  1. What is Spongebob's last name?
  2. What is Spongebob's pet?
  3. Who is the ghost of the clumsy fry cook?
  4. In the episode, FUN, what is Plankton's F?
  5. Who is the creator of Spongebob?
  6. What day is it in the episode "Bubble Buddy"?
  7. What happened to Mrs. Puff's husband.
  8. Who is Spongebob's boss?
  9. What does Sandy liver in?
  10. What is Sandy?
  11. What is Pearl's favorite band?

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