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  • I got 92% Apollo, which in my opinion totally fits me! I mean, I love singing and I play the ukulele, violin, piano, a little bit of the flute, and I love to sing! I'm just horrible at healing anything or anyone, so that would damper, but other than that I think I fit as the daughter of Apollo perfectly!

  • Your Result: Zeus 78%

    Zeus is the ruler of Olympus! He is the god of sky.He is the father of Thalia! He is married to Hera and his brothers are Zeus and Hades. His Roman name is Jupiter!

    i always get zeus and my friend (daughter of posedion) thinks ima daughter of zeus

    zeus's brother are POSIEDON and hades not
    zeus and hades .-.

  • I always get Athena, mostly because I like to read, but honestly, I'm NO WHERE near smart enough.

  • I always get Apollo or Athena , but I don't get why

  • I always get Athena too! Maybe you are smart enough, but you just don't know it!


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