Sun, or anyone else, COME HERE!

I have this friend on this site named The Coldest Sun. She is awesomer than all the stars in the sky, the fishies in the sea, and the people in the world.

So, I made this quiz for Sun. Because she made me one. And she is fun. Are you Sun? Or are you a stalker? Find out now. Love, Selenanananananananananana!

Created by: Selena112

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  1. I left the frying pan in the kitchen. Does that make you happy?
  2. SUSHI?
  3. Calamari?
  4. Sulfur.
  5. Train says hi. I think he's hot.
  6. Saying yay is fun.
  7. James wants to make out with Sulfur. Is that weird?
  8. Oh, and Gemma says hi. The robot is finished.
  9. Seagulls are flying around my house.
  10. Three things. 1) Sulfur is annoying. And uptight. 2) Gemma is awesome. 3) James is hot. Sulfur would be lucky.

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