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  • Well not suprising, don't mean to brag or anything but I got Totally like most quizzes like this...

    We love each other. We both like.
    PETA,Animals ,hearts,art,violins ,pink,
    tango and school. We both dislike:
    T.V. ,Video
    Games,Pizza ,Rock,Bullies,Choco late,
    Candy and black hearted people.

    I don't get it, thats like the opposite of me. I love video games I am a total gamer and T.V rocks too. Pizza is my favorite food and I love chocolate candy. I like because my friends arw there not because of the books :P

    I have no idea what pink tango is. Animals rock though

    Seems like 2 people made the quiz

  • 78% comment me if you want to get to know each other


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