Do you have a crush on me (boys only)

are you the perfect hero of my dreams.Or are you just a lazy chubby guy.Or are you somwhere in between.Do you enjoy nature or not.Find this and many more questions in this long quiz

Are youthe perfect match.Or just a tubby. Already exited.Then start now.Dont be shy.Start start start!!!Just start this quiz and I will find out.Hurray!Please just go on this quiz.

Created by: amazon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your Favorite Drink:
  2. Your favorite colour
  3. Are you brave
  4. Favorite Food
  5. What are you wearing.
  6. Where are you now
  7. What would you do if you were not taking tis quiz
  8. You see a wall full of graffiti. You:
  9. You are shopping for a gift for your girlfriend(me). You buy:
  10. You are going to a consert with me.You go to a
  11. If you decide to have a baby its name would be.
  12. we cannot be boyfriend and girl friend for real.
  13. Animals! What popped into your head
  14. You play:
  15. What describes you
  16. Pick The face you want me to have
  17. my big sister wrote this But I decide which should be the right result.
  18. I have blond wavy hair,blue eyes pale skin and red lips.Considered very beautiful.(Every thing I wrote about "me is about the girl who decides the right result)
  19. What is your favorite pet
  20. A bullie hits me you are:
  21. Somebody is calling you names you.
  22. You want to be my boy friend because
  23. You are doing:(which sport)
  24. You catch some guys doing graffiti.You draw:
  25. Do you have musclels
  26. Are you enviormental
  27. Your favorite cake
  28. Your Favorite House
  29. Motto:
  30. Actually the person you may have a crush on did not write anything.Actually I(her big sis just know about her .
  31. your favorite music
  32. pet peeve
  33. Religion
  34. Favorite pizza topping
  35. Favorite Flower
  36. Looks
  37. Favorite number
  38. Favorite movie type
  39. Too many questions?
  40. In school.How many grades did you skip

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Quiz topic: Do I have a crush on me (boys only)