Your opinion on chubby girls

I was wondering what people think of slightly chubby women, hopefully this quiz would give some insight. Please don't take the questions too seriously.

I have a long-lasting battle of a perfect woman body type. I like them all, but I always had a soft spot for chubby women. Thank you for your time....

Created by: Russell
  1. You see a girl with a bit of a muffin top, your reaction:
  2. It's been a while and you meet up with a girl you liked in high school, she seem to put on some weight, you:
  3. Your girlfriend/friend has been watching too much TV/playing video games and got herself a little chub going on. She is very conscious about it, you:
  4. Follow up: If your girlfriend/friend asks you to exercise with her, would you do it?
  5. Would you consider a girl with a soft body, but slim face as a date?
  6. Would you take advantage of a chubby girl with low self-esteem at your school or workplace?
  7. A chubby girl at your school/workplace is interested in you, would you reply?
  8. You spot a girl in a tight one-piece swimsuit at your PE class or at the beach. She has quite ample breasts, noticeably chubby belly, squishy thighs and juicy bum, you:
  9. If you could secretly fatten up anybody you know, would you do it?
  10. Do you think chubby equals thick?

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Quiz topic: My opinion on chubby girls

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