Should you get chubby?

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Do u want to get fat but never been shour? Then take the quiz! Now. All you need is a finger a mind a scale and a hight thing.

Are you chubby already? Or do u want to be? Then take the quiz! Find out all you need to get gaining! Start today!

Created by: Estey1111
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. 1 day you have to get to school/work but your uniform is so tight the button might pop at any minute. Wat do u do?
  2. If you chose the first 1 in the last question then answer this. You forgot the manager/your class was going out for diner and you were going. Every1 gets a large meal and clean the plate. Your stomach feals like it's going to explode! But you get desert you.
  3. You gained 10 kilos and can't fit your jeans. Your family is giving hints to lose wieght like saing this often. " *your name* can you run and fetch me some juice with some grapes! Not pop with cake though!" You try and run but you get tired on the way back. So your mum said. You should go for a run.
  4. How much do u weigh?
  5. Wats your hight?
  6. Wat snack
  7. Do u play with your fat?
  8. The doctor said if u gain more ile be obese
  9. The next 1 doesn't count.
  10. Are you happy with your belly?

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Quiz topic: Should I get chubby?