Are you mentaly unstable?

People are always wondering "Should I ask my doctor about this or that?" But now you might be able to get an unbaiased opinion out of the deal. This quiz may offer you a bit of insight.

I don't pretend I know what's wrong. But I do know I've gone through this all before. Take your time, and be honest with this test. No one will see your answers.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Do you find yourself looking around because you hear your name called, even if your alone?
Yes, sometimes in voices I don't recognize
Often, Was it you?
Yea, But its always a voice I know.
Once in a while, but it's usually someone else.
Sometimes, but not often enough to bother with.
Do you find things that things pop out when you're reading, or staring at something for a long time?
Yes, it's creepy. I see words in everything.
Yea, I can see faces on textured surfaces.
There was this one time where I thought someone was talking to me through a book.
Yea, Books, magazines, and pictures. I see them everywhere!
Sometimes, but I'm sure it's just my mind.
What is your sexual orientation?
Straight (heterosexual)
Bi-curious, but still heterosexual or homosexual
Chaste (no sex, ever.)
Sex scares me.
Bisexual (both men and women)
Homosexual (Same sex only)
Which color brings back painful memories (Take time on this one.)
None, or other. Colors are good things.
Do you think religion is a good thing?
Yes, God is good! He protects me.
You and your god can shove it. Religion hates me.
Pagan beliefs suit me more than monotheism (one god). There has to be a god(dess) for everyting.
Polytheism (multiple gods) appeal to me a lot more. One god cant care for so many people.
Prove religion, then I'll believe.
Which of the following would you say you are afraid of? if multiple, or none, pick other.
Being alone, being forgotten
The oposite gender
Which age group can you asociate best with?
under 18 Minors
18-25 Fresh faces
25-35 Yound adults
35-45 Middle aged persons
45-55 Older folk's
Senior citizens (55+)
In one word, how do you describe yourself?
Showy, Elegant, or elaborate
Fake, Liar, or hypocrate
Alone, forgotten, or Ambiguous
Dying, worthless, or Cast-out
cheery, perky, or personable
Nothing, forsaken, lost.
Do you view yourself as unstable (Needing help to ensure your safty or the safty of others)?
Yes, I need help
Yes, I have help, however. The pills work, some.
I don't need help. I want to hurt myself/others
I don't need help. I'm perfectly fine, honest.
I wouldn't hurt a fly. but then again, I cant count the scars anymore.
It's only an act, shesh! Don't get so agressive.
What music do you find yourself agreeing with? (all forms of each generalization
Electronic(a) OR techno
Which religious afiliation are you? (Yes, again with religion.)
Catholic. There is one God to save us all.
Pagan. The gods and Goddesses shall decide our fates
Islam. Submit (to the will of Allah.)
Judaism. God's will is absolute. He will save the sons of Israel.
Other polytheistic OR aitheist.
Other Monotheistic. There is one god(dess) and that is who I pledge my life to.
Does "The Catcher in the Rye" describe you at all? (Holden attempts to save innocence from falling. In the end, he surrenders to let innocence fall if it wants to.)
Yes, I am Holden in every way. Everone around me is Fake. Just like you, and your fake knowledge.
Yea, I can see where I wouldn't want children to go flying into 'sin' and being hurt by their own actions.
Naa. He's insane.
That book spoke my mind, but I don't have the heart to give up.
I will never let another soul fall from innocence. I will die first.
The F*ck? Who would try to stop how the world works?

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