Do you have 'The Rage'?

So, you think you've had a bad day? Well take a walk in the shoes of this person in this scenario laid out quiz. Find out if you have a short fuse, or a long, frost covered fuse. Do YOU have 'Rage' inside you?

Have you ever felt the need that some quiz's don't reach out? Well, I say lets put you in the shoes of a person and let you walk through thier every day life. Will you choose the unexspected, the unstable, or the person who just wants to get his day over with? Find out.

Created by: Joseph
  1. When you get angry, you're most likely to:
  2. Scenario! You're sitting at a bench, waiting for the bus, and someone steps on your shoes, looks at you, and keeps walking. You:
  3. Still at the bus station: You're about to get on the bus, before someone pushes you aside. You.
  4. You're on the bus, and a very fat male sits next to you, he's practicly 350lbs, and basicly sits on your entire leg, You:
  5. You in a parking lot and you're about to open your car door, when you notice the guy next to you just rammed his door into yours, you:
  6. You're on the road, and someone cuts infront of you. You:
  7. You in a parking lot and find a good parking spot, however, a lady and her two children are taking thier sweet time making thier way from infront of you, you:
  8. You're making your way to the front of the door, and the person who was in front of you didn't hold open the door. You:
  9. In the store, you find the product you want, and just as you reach out to get it, someone snatches it from your hand, and you notice its the only one left. You:
  10. You're about to cash out, when you notice someone dropped something. You pick it up and offer it to them, and they take it, and say nothing more. You:
  11. You're on your way out of the store with an armful of items, someone walks into you and knocks them to the ground, and dosen't bother to help you. You:
  12. You make your way outside the store and notice that there has been an accident right infront of where you are parked. You:
  13. You are finally able to move, and you make your way home. You then go out and on the sidewalk, someone on a bike nearly runs you down.
  14. You make your way into a bar. and take a seat. You order a drink and wait. A slob next to you spills his drink on your leg. You:
  15. You're on your way back home when you notice theres a fight. You walk over to see whats going on, but you're caught in the fire and one of the men strikes you. You:
  16. On your way home, you hold your sore jaw and complain. Some young kids in a car fire at you with a paintball gun! You:
  17. You're finnaly home. After a good nights sleep you're woken up by your dog, barking loudly and non-stop. You:
  18. You sit down and there is a knock at the door. You go over to the door and its the repo-man here for your T.V. You:
  19. No T.v. and now you're bored. Tired of the day that you just had yesterday and fearing it will happen agian. You:
  20. You go outside to get the mail, and find out its all wet. You see the mailman down the street. You:
  21. You open a bill, and notice that the price is WAY to high to be possible. You call up the company and:
  22. Can this day get any worse? You ask. Well, you get dressed, and make your way outside, and you notice your car is missing. You:
  23. Your car is found, totaled. Your insurance won't cover it either. You:

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Quiz topic: Do I have 'The Rage'?