how deranged are you

oh great this is the best part were i get to tell you y i spend my valuble time creating pointless quizzes that people with half a brain dont even glance at. well i guese i will continue this in the next box thingy.

Well now that im in the next box i should tell u a bit about me well i live at home by myself except for the 17 cats but u probly didnt need to no that. anyway this quiz is basically about the fact that i have to much time on my hands oh and for u to find out just how mentaly deranged u are so have fun! xox Max

Created by: Max
  1. well welcome to the quiz i will b ur guide for 2day
  2. So how are we all this dandy day?
  3. pick a poem
  4. favourite tv show....
  5. i say corndog you say..
  6. Baba Yaga is coming!!
  7. what sort of things have you licked
  8. ive licked many things...mwha hahahah
  9. do do do do dah dah
  10. rite then ill just finish up here choose a number

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Quiz topic: How deranged am I