Does she like me (For guys)

Boys have crushes, not just girls, but most "Does my crush like me?" are not for guys, so i decided to create one! If you are a guy and wandering if this girl likes you, take this highly accurate (85% approved) quiz!

Am i certain? Is it a 50/50 chance? Are you still friendzoned? or isn't she interested at all? Answer 15 questions, all developed accurately to see if your crush likes you! Each result comes with suffice advice!

Created by: OmegaWolf
  1. Does she talk to you often, if so, what are her emotions?
  2. If you have ever been chosen to sit next to her, how does she feel?
  3. Do you both hang out a lot? At school, Lunch Breaks or even outside of classes?
  4. Does she know some things about you?
  5. Do you both share the same interests and hobbies (Example: same football team, music genre etc)
  6. Have you ever caught her looking at you? What did she do?
  7. When you talk to her, what does she do?
  8. When you are feeling a bit ill or upset, what does she do?
  9. Is she always friendly towards you?
  10. You are talking to another girl, and you see your crush standing a few blocks away. What is she doing
  11. What is your and her popularity status?
  12. What are your height comparisons?
  13. Is she already in a relationship?

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