Which alien vs predator species are you?

Ever wonder which avp species are u? take this quiz to find out? are you the might predator? the scary alien? the traierous andriod are the brave marine?

So yeah what the first paragragh said take this to find out who u r, they are all powerful and awesome, i worked rly hard on this so i hope u enjoy this

Created by: amazon
  1. What type of envirament would you like the most when it comes to fighting?
  2. What type of blood would you want?
  3. Why do you kill the other species?
  4. Which of the following which you rather have?
  5. Ok, now each species has their own way to know where the enemy is by using tools, which one do you prefer?
  6. How would you want your face to look?
  7. What method whould you use to hunt down enemies?
  8. What would you rather collect?
  9. Will you comment on this test? (has effect)
  10. Did you like this test? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Which alien vs predator species am I?