Endangered Species

Endangered Species need to be protected!! Take a quiz that shows you on how much you know about Endangered Species!! Come on you know you've got too!!!!

Are YOU ready to take the challenge!! Take this quiz and save The Endangererd Species in you're area, or in the WORLD!! In just a few minutes you'll be ready to save the Endangered Species.

Created by: LuLu

  1. Which Endangered Specie is the most endangered?
  2. Where are most species Endangered?
  3. What is an Endangered Specie?
  4. Which state on the East coast has the most Endangered Species?
  5. How many plant species are in the U.S?
  6. How many animals are Endangered in the U.S?
  7. In how many hours will a specie be extinct?
  8. About how many species are on Earth?
  9. Which plant is used to make heart disease medicine?
  10. What are Ethnobotanists?

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