All about Endangered Species!

Endangered Species need to be protected. Find out fun information and ways to help the Endangered Species. This quiz will help you to have fun facts about Endangered Species, and save the WORLD!!!!

Take this quiz to see how interested YOU are into saving the Endangered Species!! Find out if you have what it takes to save the Endangered Species in you're area, or in the world!

Created by: leibec

  1. Which specie is the most endangered?
  2. Where are most species being Endangered?
  3. What is an Endangered Specie?
  4. Which State has the most Endangered Species?
  5. How many plant species are in the U.S?
  6. How many animal Endangered Species are there in the U.S?
  7. In how many hours will a species become extinct?
  8. In how many hours will a species become extinct?
  9. About how many species are on Earth?
  10. Which plant is useed to treat heart disease?

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