Would you make a good Seven Savage?

Ever wanted to be a part of the channel called Seven Savages? This awesome YouTube channel is run mostly by Samiah and Merry!!! Right now there are 2 spots open for this channel!

On this channel there is a new video every day from a different person. With 2 spots open for people to join and such high demand in being a part of the channel we now have a quiz!

Created by: amazon of Seven Savages!
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  1. Do have any social media?
  2. Do you like channels like Seven Super Girls ect.?
  3. Is Samiah awesome?
  4. Do you like making videos?
  5. Would you like to make videos once a week?
  6. Is Merry awesome?
  7. Do you watch YouTube?
  8. Do you have a YouTube channel? (This question will not effect your score)
  9. What emoji(s) describes Seven Savages?
  10. What picture describes Seven Savages?
  11. Are you friends with Samiah and (or) Merry?
  12. What Social Media do you have that is not YouTube? Make sure you put your username in the comments!!!
  13. Who is your favorite YouTuber?
  14. Are you nice? Be honest!
  15. What is your favorite movie?
  16. Will you subscribe to all of Samiah's YouTube channels?
  17. Will you Subscribe to Mya's YouTube channel Purely Mya?
  18. Will you follow all of the Seven Savages Social Media?
  19. Will you Subscribe to the Seven Savages YouTube channel?
  20. Will you rate and comment on this quiz?

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