Do You Know Jeydon Wale?

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Jeydon Wale is a YouTuber who has almost 900,000 subscribers. He's been on YouTube for a long time, and used to be part of a collab channel, but is now part of a newer one.

Jeydon is an all around great person, he's really sweet, and he's pretty adorable. If you haven't seen Jeydon's videos, I suggest you go to his channel and watch them, he's amazing.

Created by: Emo Beamo
  1. What country is Jeydon from?
  2. When is Jeydon's birthday?
  3. What year did Jeydon start his channel?
  4. How many siblings does Jeydon have?
  5. What color are Jeydon's eyes?
  6. What collab channel was Jeydon formerly a part of?
  7. What collab channel is Jeydon currently part of?
  8. What year was Jeydon born?
  9. What is Jeydon's favorite color?
  10. What is the name of Jeydon's cat?
  11. Who is Jeydon's favorite superhero?
  12. What is Jeydon's favorite video game?
  13. How old was Jeydon when he started making videos?
  14. What is Jeydon's most popular video?
  15. On what date was Jeydon's first video uploaded?
  16. Jeydon is 50%...
  17. What is Jeydon's gaming channel called?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Jeydon Wale?