Are you a true Boston Bruins fan

Are you a true Bruins fan? We'll find out by doing this quiz. Just answer 10 questions and see if you are a Bruins fan or not. These quizzes includes hard and easy questions

If you are a Bruins hater then don't try this out. Because like they say don't poke the bear but hey if you haters out there want to guess Tuukka Rask's jersey number then try it out

Created by: amazon

  1. Who is the Bruins 2015/16 captain?
  2. Who is the 2015/16 Bruins goalie (Starting goalie)
  3. Who are the Bruins best rival
  4. whi are the 2015/16 Bruins assistant captains?
  5. Witch one of these players were not a part of the Bruins
  6. When was the last time the Bruins won the Stanley cup
  7. Who is the Bruins best player (Not based on captain or assistant captain) (No goalies)
  8. In witch year the Bruins didn't make the playoffs
  9. Witch colours are the Bruins (Home jersey)
  10. What number is Tuukka Rask

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Boston Bruins fan