The Bruins Test

There are many questions and all are hard!Will you do good?It's all up to you to pass but will you?This quiz will make you very smart on the Boston Bruins history.

Do you have what it takes?Find out once you get going.Think about what you will get and find out if your score is higher or lower than what you thought.If it's higher GREAT JOB!

Created by: Jack Hall

  1. Who was a fine goaltender that had a terrific season in 2009-10 when he posted a GAA of 1.97 & save pct of .931?
  2. Who is an excellent defenseman that has a wicked fast slapshot and won the Norris Trophy after the 2008-09 season?
  3. Who was a hockey icon and was renown for his toughness & defensive skill and was a four-time winner of the Hart Trophy?
  4. Who was a solid netminder that used quick hands & anticipation to great effectiveness and was the 2009 Vezina Trophy winner?
  5. Who had the Bruins rookie single season records for points{92}and goals scored{44;still stands}?
  6. Who was a good stick handler & skater with a quick shot?
  7. Who was a reliable defenseman that played in 1,052 games in a Boston uniform{third most in franchise history}
  8. Who Guided the Bruins to four straight first place finishes in the Adams Division while posting a .658 winning percentage as the B's head coach?
  9. Who was an integral piece of the Bruins for 40 plus years and as head coach he led the B's to the 1970 Stanley Cup?
  10. Who scored OT goals to win 3 games in the 1939 playoffs helping the B's advance to & win the 1939 Stanley Cup?
  11. Who was a skillful stickhandler that helped lead the Bruins to two Stanley Cups(1939 & 1941)?
  12. Who is a physical power forward that competes on the ice with great hustle & determination?
  13. Who was a creative playmaker that had his finest season in 1992-93(142 pts:45 G & 97 A)?
  14. Who was an excellent puckhandler that created scoring opportunities for teammates?
  15. Who never had a losing record in any of his full seasons with the B's and elevated his play in BIG games?
  16. Who used size & strength to win battles in the corners & along the boards to create soring chances for his linemates?
  17. Who was the longest serving captain in Bruins history and holds the franchise mark for most career points(1,506)& assists(1,111)?
  18. Who had a stellar rookie season in which he posted 10 shutouts for the 1939 Stanley Cup winners?
  19. Who was a rugged blueliner and was a master tactician who stymied opposition forwards?
  20. Who had a quick shot & keen playmaking skils and had his best season for the B's in 2002-03 when he scored 101 points?
  21. Who scored 20 or more goals in six straight seasons for the Bruins?
  22. Who was an agitator that was a solid all-around player and he averaged 24 goals per season in over his 5 year span with the Bruins?
  23. Who was a defensive specialist routinely and shut-down the opposition's top scoring threat?
  24. [At his time]Who held the franchise record for most career goals(545)?
  25. Who was a terrific playmaking forward and led the NHL in assists three times?
  26. Who was a solid goalie and combined a quick glove and a fine sense of positional play to great success?
  27. Who was a top scorer that had 40 or more goals & better than 90 points in five straight years with the Bruins?
  28. Who was a playmaking center and was a skilled stickhandler who created scoring opportunities for his linemates?
  29. Who holds the Bruins markfor most points in a season by a rookie(102 points)?
  30. Who was a solid enforcer that excelled at clearing the crease & mixing it up?

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