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This quiz is about a TV show called Wayne made by Shawn Simmons and YouTube premium. I have made a quiz for all he fans out there!.😅plz rate and play the quiz I'VE never made a quiz so sorry if this is alright but ya enjoy! And let's hope season 2 come out or at least gets renewed by YouTube!.

Hey guys! I hope he enjoyed the quiz I thought it was pretty cool and ya rate me if u want and if Wayne season 2 comes out I'll make a second quiz so ya I hope he enjoyed! #wayne season 2

Created by: Alex McGrath

  1. What is the name of Wayne's father?
  2. What job does Wayne's brother do
  3. When Wayne's mom gives him a candle what does it smell like???
  4. What are the names of Del's two brothers?
  5. What part of Del's father's face died Wayne bite off??
  6. Wayne has read only one book what was it about (hint) it was episode 6
  7. What does Reggies gold teeth say on them
  8. What was Tommy Coles nickname that Wayne's dad u to call him?
  9. Who catches Wayne and del when they were so close to freedom
  10. What weapon does Wayne usually carry around
  11. Does Wayne ever lose a fight in the show?
  12. Who's Waynes girlfriend?
  13. Where did Wayne go at the end of the season?
  14. Are u exited for a season 2?
  15. Where does Wayne have to travel to get his car back?
  16. Did u enjoy this quiz! 😃

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