¿Whats your hero/Villain quirk?

I made this as I was bored and thought hey! Some people might want to find out! So I made this I hope you enjoy it and it’s alright! It’s my first time making one😅 So enjoy and have a great day too😁

Also...don’t come at me if you didn’t get what you want u didn’t know I have no idea! Also I find it irritating how it says I have to fill these out until 150 ish words jeezzz

Created by: Talyn_981
  1. What would you say your most like here?
  2. What’s your fav colour??
  3. Would you use your powers for good or bad??
  4. What’s your favourite anime?!
  5. HAHA! Some quick RP!! Quick! You see two elder students attacking a 1st year, he’s bruised and probably’s got a few broken bones too! He’s crying and defenceless...what do you do? (BE HONEST IT MATTERS!)
  6. What’s your go to weapon?
  7. What would happen to you in battle? (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
  8. Fav subject??
  9. Age range??
  10. Do you enjoy watching pain or others being embarrassed...

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Quiz topic: ¿Whats my hero/Villain quirk?