This Quiz Is All About DCgirl:)

I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine I've got a love and I know that it's all mine oh.oh,oh Do what you want, but you're never gonna break me, sticks and stones are never gonna shake me oh,oh,oh

Take me away (take me away) A secret place (a secret place) A sweet escape (a sweet escape) Take me away (take me away) Take me away (take me away To better days (to better days) Take me away (take me away) A hiding place (a hiding place)

Created by: Ashl3y

  1. Well, hiya all you random people taking my quiz.. :p Guess who this Quiz is about?
  2. OK, so if you go on the forums, it wouldn't be to hard to tell that she's my one of my best friends on here. She is amazing, funny, and a pretty good person.
  3. I trust her with practically everything, I mean she f---ing knows my bra size! xD Well, no one needed to know that part... :p But I trust her with family problems, boy issues, and my insecurity.. So yeah. :)
  4. The other part is she trusts me to! So it's not just one sided. She trusts me with.. Well, I won't say. But Yeah. When she's sad, she tells me and when she is mad she tells me and when she is happy she tells me. So I hear it all. ^^
  5. To tell the truth, without her, I don't think I'd completely sane... :P. I mean, she doesn't judge me or anyone and she is there to listen. So yay. :)
  6. How we met? I was feeling bad, and I came here, since GTQ is my way out. And then she came up and asked me what's wrong and I asked her if she'd judge me and she said no, and I guess I liked that about her. So now we are friends. ^^
  7. Deanna, you're an awesome friend and I could never ask for a better one. :) Loves you! (no homo). P.S Sowwie I forgot about your B-day quiz. :p

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