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  • Hufflepuff? I WANTED GRIFFENDORE! WAAAAAA! (I only like Draco cuz he's cute!)

    Say wha Feb 11 '15, 1:30AM
  • Griffindor!!! Take that Malfoy!!

    Wandless Jun 13 '13, 12:58AM
  • Griffindor!!! Take that Malfoy!!

    Wandless Jun 13 '13, 12:58AM
  • It seems like almost everyone got Ravenclaw..
    Strang e..

    BlairTaylorHawk Mar 3 '13, 7:17PM
  • Ravenclaw? But I'm a 'Puff!!! Nevertheless, I would love to be BFFs with Luna!

    kmalfoi Dec 15 '12, 6:12PM
  • Your Result: Slytherin


    Harry: I honesty try to avoid her! She always has something mean to say about me! Ron: That girl seriously needs to stop insulting everyone she passes! Hermione: She usually studies with me, but I think she only does because she doesn't like doing it on her own... Luna: I don't see what the problem is with her, she's actually quite a nice person. She likes how I'm different to everyone else. Draco: I think she's amazing! We both pick on the Gryffindors together, and love making first years cry!

    CB the Slytherin Nov 23 '12, 12:56PM
  • Gryffindor is my house though. I took the official quiz on Pottermore. :\

    Since everyone is calling people, I call the twins.

    They. Are. Mine.

    Sage Parson Nov 21 '12, 4:13PM
  • lol, SSOO wrong.

    Unexpected Oct 27 '12, 10:41PM
  • Your Result: Gryffindor


    Harry: She's brilliant! Whenever the Slytherins turn up and start insulting us, she's always there to duel them! Ron: She's one of my best friends! No matter what, she's always extremely loyal to us! Hermione: I usually finish my homework with her. She isn't the smartest person I know, but that doesn't matter! She's a great friend! Luna: I'm not too keen on her. She doesn't like it when I talk about things she doesn't understand... Draco: I hate her! I can never say anything mean to her, because I know that she'll jinx me if I do!

    Rofl. Yes, I shall jinx you Draco. :D

    Strangeling Oct 26 '12, 4:51PM
  • but draco is insanley hot!!!! He would be my boyfriend!! BACK OFF PANSY HE'S MINE B***H!!!

    em2250 Oct 25 '12, 5:19PM
  • Ravenclaw


    Harry: I would love to be her friend, but she's always surrounded by hundreds of people! Ron: She's really pretty! I really want to talk to her, but I'm too nervous! Hermione: That girl really is smart! She's also extremely popular... Luna : She is my best friend! She always helps me look after the Thestrals at Hogwarts, and she would never call me Loony Luna! Draco: I honestly really hate her! I can never insult her, because there are always too many people around her!

    em2250 Oct 25 '12, 5:18PM
  • Ravenclaw
    Harry: I think she's alright. We don't really talk much, but she seems quite nice. Ron: I would like to get to know her more, because she looks as if she is quite lonely... Hermione: There isn't really much that I can say about her... I suppose she's pretty good at homework... Luna: She really is quite lonely, but she's a good person to talk to once you get to know her! Draco: I enjoy insulting her, she always cries when I say something mean to her!

    Ahaha, these actually made me laugh :P i liked the quiz though!

    Sports19 Oct 24 '12, 11:28PM
  • how dare you draco! draco:i love insulting her!she cries whenever i do!

    spaceface321 Oct 24 '12, 8:59PM
  • Cool raven claw weird thing is I've always been told I was a gryfrindor but cool quiz (ps sorry if I spelled in wrong Plz dont troll!)

    Miss carrot Oct 24 '12, 3:17PM
  • LOVED IT TO BITS..! Seriously though, it was an amazing quiz. With amazing results. I got Ravenclaw, I can't believe I'm besties with Luna, Aaahh! xD

    Loony Luna Oct 24 '12, 2:39PM
  • Ravenclaw! Awesome results, would prefer Gryffindor.

    Beatle Obsessed Oct 9 '12, 8:01PM
  • Slytherin,DUH! x3

    slytherin queeen Oct 7 '12, 6:15AM
  • Lol Ravenclaw, although I do prefer Slytherin. Draco and Snape are my favorite characters.

    rascal1178 Sep 23 '12, 4:05PM
  • Ravenclaw rocks!! Pl make more hp quizez...

    Shady_girl Sep 23 '12, 10:56AM
  • Yay! I'm best friends with Luna!

    NeonHedgehog Sep 23 '12, 10:01AM

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