How Well do you Know Harry Potter2

You got a perfect score on the last Potter quiz? You got 85%-100%? Well see if you get a perfect score on this quiz congratulations! Now take this quiz!

You have more magical brain power then last time? Take this quiz and find out. Please enjoy this quiz! Now go on and relax. Take your time and relax.

Created by: amazon

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  1. Who played Hermione?
  2. Did Daniel Radcliff have blush put on him?
  3. What is the color of Malfoys hair?
  4. Is Lupin a Were Wolf?
  5. What spell shoots birds out of your wand?
  6. Is Voldemort a French name?
  7. What does Voldemort mean?
  8. Who killed Barty Crouch Senior?
  9. who is vvvvoooolldemmorrttyyy
  10. Hagrid:

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