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DO YOU KNOW ME!!!????!!! DO YOU!? WANNA FIND OUT?! IF YOU DO...then go ahead. if you don't... then why did you click on my quiz? and if your a bored sod like myself who randomly came up with this quiz...then go for it

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Created by: amazon

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  1. okay so do you even know me?
  2. okay then... whats my favorite fruit?
  3. now whats my favorite type of music?
  4. and my favorite colour? (yes you can spell color like that)
  5. what do i wanna do when im older? (not profession/job)
  6. now what do i want to BE when i'm older? (as in job/profession)
  7. what kind of dog do i have?
  8. how old am i?
  9. i'm in what grade?
  10. my brothers names are?
  11. i live in___________
  12. i am _____
  13. and that is JACK!!!!

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Quiz topic: HOW WELL do I KNOW ME