What kind of girl are you

In this quiz you will find it what girl you are I will type randomly you have a good time when your I don't have any of my heart I know but I am really

You will find out if you are one of four different girls I will type randomly you can be your friends and tell them that they have no reason more and then

Created by: Carlos

  1. What kind of style do you like
  2. What is your personality
  3. What are your grades
  4. What kinda of boy do you like
  5. Free time
  6. Favorite sport
  7. Favorite color
  8. If a guy asked you out that had a huge crush on you but you didn't like them
  9. What risk do you go to bed
  10. What time do you wake up
  11. How to get my heart

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Quiz topic: What kind of girl am I