What Kind of Girl Are You?

There are different types of girls in this world: The girly-girls, the athletes, the tomboys, the smart ones, the emo ones, and the taken ones. Do you know which one you are?

You should take this quiz to find out what type of girl you are. Please please please tell other people about it, rate, and comment what you got and what'd you think you'd get... :)

Created by: Marissa_1234
  1. First question: how do you usually dress in the winter?
  2. What about it the winter?
  3. Are you dating somebody right now?
  4. What is the most important to you out of the following?
  5. You're most likely to be in the Class Favorites for...
  6. When you go over to a friend's house, what do you do?
  7. How much friends do you have?
  8. Describe your biggest pride right now...
  9. Your favorite color?
  10. I'm starting to do this on all my quizzes now: There has been too many suicides in this world. I'm in an effort to try and stop it. Please join me so that we can stop the suicide rate. I've made a quiz called "You are Worth It" and I think you should check it out. We should be nicer to people and we should also be more confident about ourselves.

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Girl am I?