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  • Emo,can't agree with you more! I appreciate the culture,music,style and people in the emo community. I also am pretty much a loner which I'm fine with. Cool quiz mate.

  • I've got emo. About your trying to stop suicides: good idea. I'll try that quiz you told me about. But I don't think it will work. You know, humans are humans. Our society will never change. There are people like you: the ones who try to save other's lifes. But much more people care only about themselves, even if they tell you that they care about you. I know what I'm talking about, believe me. I live everyday with those people. I arleday learnt how they think. You must pretendent that you don't see how much do you mean to them. If not, they'll destroy your life. I tried pretending. It worked, but I can't do it anymore. I'm myself, so they must change me to what I "was" before. I tried to show them what this word is about and how they act (yes, they don't see all those "little" problems in our lifes). I tried every way (expect one) I can think of. All of them failed. Now I don't believe ANYTHING can help. You see, maybe that's why there is so many suicides. Maybe your idea will help. I didn't think about it before. But, maybe, suicides will help to stop this in the future, too. If you make them feel bad about your death AFTER you die... Maybe they will learn something. I'm planning a party after my funeral. It will look like birthday, it will be for everybody, and I'll make gifts for them. I'm pretty good at it. And there will be music that should make them think about what they did. Do you think it will work?

  • Ilove your branic quiz. Check out cherrish quized too.


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