Are you a tomboy or girly girl?

Hi, do you want to know if you're a tomboy or girly girl? Well take this quiz and find out! If you're a tomboy, you have more guy friends, you hate make-up and pink and dresses! I am a tomboy myself !

Girly girls are feminine and love make-up, hate getting outside, and love to wear dresses. Have fun and enjoy your result when you are finished taking the quiz!

Created by: Loony
  1. Pick the best colour: pink or green
  2. Do you prefer a hoodie, a jumper or cardigan?
  3. How much do you love dresses?
  4. Makeup, or no makeup, or only sometimes
  5. Do you have more male friends or female friends?
  6. Do you love shopping or hate it?
  7. When do you get out of bed?
  8. Do you like sports?
  9. Do you like school?
  10. Do you consider yourself calm?

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Quiz topic: Am I a tomboy or girly girl?