Which Miraculous Ladybug girl are you? (sleepover style)

Hello, this is kind of a quiz like my last quiz but its ONLY girl characters. I probably will make a ONLY boy characters one to. Both boys and girls are aloud to play this, and it might be for boys this could be surprising.

Also, another person on another quiz place made several sleepover quizzes. This was before me, and I am NOT trying to copy them. I was inspired because its a brilliant idea.

Created by: Madelyn
  1. You wake up one day and get a call from Marinette. You answer and she says, "Hey, we are having a sleepover! Want to come?"
  2. You drive to Marinette's house. You are greeted by everybody! You first wave to..
  3. Now while waiting for the food Alya ordered, you decide to..
  4. Now your just playing a video game, you decide to customize your character! Your hair color in the game is..
  5. Most of the time you were at the sleepover, you felt..
  6. Now, the food is here! After everyone finished eating, you decide to play T or D! Alya: "Y/N? Truth or dare?" You said dare. Alya: "Okay, I dare you to say three good things about you!" Everyone but Alya: "bruh."
  7. You keep playing Truth or Dare and then Alya asks you again. Alya: "Truth or Dare, Y/N?" You say "Dare." Alya: "I dare you to say ONE thing bad about you." Everyone but Alya: "OH COME ON!"
  8. After Truth or Dare you watch a movie and go to sleep. You wake up and realize you have to go home today. You pack up everything and everyone says "Bye!" But you only have time to wave goodbye to one. You choose..
  9. Once again after a very long drive you get home and fall asleep. The next morning you get a call from Marinette. Marinette said: "We are having another sleepover soon, will you be coming?"
  10. Thats it for this quiz! Goodbye!

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Quiz topic: Which Miraculous Ladybug girl am I? (sleepover style)