Who are you going to marry?

Marriage is such a beautiful thing: the big day, certainly, but also the years you spend with your one and only afterwards. It's wonderful to be so close to another person; to share hopes and dreams with, but also sorrows; someone to care for and be cared for by. Marriage is amazing.

The young and the older generations alike often wonder who they're going to marry. For the older ones especially, it can get frustrating, and impatience begins to eat away at the soul. Have you ever wondered who you're going to marry? This quiz (obviously) cannot tell the future, so please don't get upset if this turns out to be utter rubbish. But I've tried to include some advice in the results, which might well come in handy at some point!

Created by: amazon
  1. Are you currently crushing on somebody?
  2. Do you even wish to marry someone? (I'm sorry, I probably should have started with this question)
  3. Are you a person who socialises much?
  4. Do you have a best friend, or just a circle of friends (close or otherwise)?
  5. Do you accept homosexuality?
  6. Would you ever consider going on a dating site?
  7. Do you have any hopeless celebrity crushes right now?
  8. Are you especially picky about who you get into relationships with?
  9. Do you believe in fate, or love at first sight?
  10. Are your friends very important to you?

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Quiz topic: Who am I going to marry?