Are You A True Warrior Fan?

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Would you like to know if you are a true Warrior Cats fan? If you haven't read the books than I recommend it if you like the genres of survival, adventure, and animals!

A true Warrior Cat fan would love to read the series and always be talking about them! If you don't know what Warriors is, or hate it, I'd say... Leave.

Created by: amazon
  1. First off... Do you even know what Warrior Cats is?
  2. Do you ever call the doctor a medicine cat?
  3. Whenever it's a half moon or full moon do you say, "OH MY GOD ITS THE GATHERINGS!!!"?
  4. Do you call cars monsters, and are afraid to get into them?
  5. Do you chat about Warrior Cat all the time with other people that read the books?
  6. If you had a pet cat, would you name it after a Warrior Cat?
  7. If you own Secrets of The Clans you think it's not your field guide; it's your bible instead!
  8. You try the hunting crouch, and actually practice it!
  9. Do you practice fighting moves as well?
  10. You RP with your friends that read Warrior Cats whenever you are able to go outside
  11. How many Warriors books do you own?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Warrior Fan?