I Can Guess What Your Favourite Colour Is

This is what colour most people with your personality likes. I've tried to be accurate in what most colours say about your personality, don't rate it low if it's wrong because I actually tried to make it as "real" as possible and not put stupid questions like some people.

I spent time finding facts about what emotions etc say what colour you like so if it's wrong it's not my fault, it's as "scientific" as it can be and not random.

Created by: amazon
  1. What do you like best?
  2. What's your personality most like out of these?
  3. What would you want your life to be like (if none then skip)
  4. Do you have a lot of patience?
  5. Are you any of these?
  6. Are you
  7. If you are more than one of the last answers you can choose a second one you are like.
  8. Are you outgoing?
  9. Are you impulsive? Like making quick decisions without thinking?
  10. What sounds like you?
  11. What sounds best to you?
  12. What sounds worst?
  13. If something bad happened how would you react?
  14. Are you romantic?
  15. Would you wear bright colours?
  16. Are you sensitive?
  17. Which word describes you?
  18. Ok this is the last question, what job would you most want when you're older (or at all)

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Quiz topic: I Can Guess What my Favourite Colour Is