What Would Be Your Favourite Colours? (shade, Tone, Etc)

Ever wondered what kind of colour would suit you? Or maybe you are wondering what colour to paint you bedroom walls? Here is a quiz to help your do just this.

This quiz will help you to understand the colour which goes with your personality and why it goes with your personality. Note that this quiz only gives a choice on what colours could be the perfect colour for you. However you can still try other colours and see if they suit you.

Created by: Celina
  1. Who can you confide in?
  2. What would be your ideal pet?
  3. Your friends describe you as-
  4. In a play, you would rather-
  5. Pick the most appealing out of-
  6. If you were given a chance to volunteer at an animal shelter just before a charity concert, you would-
  7. Your ideal clothes would be-
  8. You think your family is-
  9. Your perfect room would be-
  10. And finally, how was this quiz?
  11. And finally, how was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Would Be my Favourite Colours? (shade, Tone, Etc)