What's your Signature Colour? (HSL)

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HSL stands for HUE, SATURATION, and LIGHTNESS. This quiz will determine what HUE suits you best on the HSL colour wheel, based on various aspects of your personality.

If you want two colours, try answering once HONESTLY and once IDEALISTICALLY. At the end of this quiz is a link for the Saturation/Lightness quiz, so you can complete your HSL number.

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  1. Are your everyday choices more driven by Thoughts, or Feelings?
  2. Are you introverted or extroverted?
  3. How are you at making decisions?
  4. Are you more fair, or nice?
  5. When someone is upset about a situation, my first instinct is to...
  6. Innovation or Tradition?
  7. Are you Quiet or Boisterous?
  8. Sci-fi or Fantasy?
  9. Are you Practical or Idealistic?
  10. Work or Play?
  11. When you're upset, you tend to...
  12. When you're happy, how do you tend to present yourself?
  13. Comfortable Night in, or Exciting Night Out?
  14. What is easier for you?
  15. How are you under pressure? (think deadlines and expectations, not life-or-death danger)
  16. Do you follow little rules even when nobody is around? (Walking on the right, crossing at crosswalks, using your turn signals, etc.)
  17. Dawn or Dusk?
  18. My goals are...
  19. Do you tend towards openness, or secrecy?
  20. Where's your head?
  21. Which describes you best?
  22. Do you surround yourself with nice things?
  23. Are you more Wise, or Intelligent?
  24. Are you strong or fragile?
  25. Simple, or complex?
  26. Are you Outdoorsy or Indoorsy?
  27. Do you obsess over things?
  28. Are you spiritual at all?
  29. On a regular day, can you "turn off" your brain?
  30. Are you a creative person? (regardless of artistic ability)
  31. Trades or Arts?
  32. Pick one (elements, senses)
  33. How do you respond to change?
  34. Got something to prove?
  35. Pick a set

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