What Bambi character are you?

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I made this quiz so that people(especially children) can find out what Bambi character they are. The questions include: Favourite colour, favourite food etc. You will not be asked for any personal info apart from your age.

Are you Thumper, the cute little rabbit? Are you Bambi, Thumper's best friend? Or maybe you're Flower, the adorable little skunk? Why not find out by taking this easy quiz! Enjoy!

Created by: Blackavar
  1. Describe a first impression that you usually give when you meet some one new:
  2. Favourite food?
  3. What about your personality?
  4. Your friend has invited you to go swimming at the pool, what's your reply?
  5. Your not here to shop for goodies, but you've just spotted you favourite shop; it's across a busy road, what do you do?
  6. Favourite colour?
  7. Your invited to a party, what do you wear?
  8. What age range are you?
  9. Pick an appealing symbol:
  10. What is your perfect home?

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Quiz topic: What Bambi character am I?