How bored can you get?

Have you ever wondered just how far into boredom you have ventured? Would you like to find out? Now's your chance, with my easy to take, completely random quiz. It only takes you about five minutes to complete every single solitary answer... so if you do it now, you'll have time to take other quizzes!

This quiz is probably one of the most accurate boredom quizzes you'll find, not to mention one of the only ones... :) it will also probably be one of the most random! *special offer* goes till the next five minutes... free, um, Bambi plush toy! dont actually get the bambi plush toy :(

Created by: me
  1. why are you online?
  2. what did you do today?
  3. what type of food do you prefer right now?
  4. what type of music do you prefer right now?
  5. which movie would you rather see right now?
  6. what season do you prefer?
  7. cats or dogs?
  8. coke or dr. pepper?
  9. do you like guinea pigs?
  10. do you smoke?
  11. THIS IS THE LAST QUESTION!!! do you enjoy watching the movie 'bambi'?

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Quiz topic: How bored can I get?