the random wtf quiz =]

this quiz is incredibly RANDOM! it has nothing to do with anything at all. but will it stop you from takin it?!?! NO!! because your bored either way... i mean, what does it matter if this has a purpose or not? LALALA. omg im bored... are you?!

so... are you gonna take the quiz? YES. because you are bored and have no life. but hey, neither do i, because i'm the one who made it... so yeah. I guess thats all i hafta say ((even tho no one reads these anyway...)) im just fillin up space rite now

Created by: gina
  1. What is your favorite color? ((most comonly asked question...))
  2. ok... what is in your purse/pocket?
  3. your idea of fun is what?
  4. omg... omg... omg... what do you think just happened to me?
  5. y do u take these quizes?!?!
  6. do u think this quiz will give acurate rezults???
  7. alrighty-dighty... is yo momma fat?!?!
  8. im soooo bored. its not even funny!!! like, i am incredibly BORED! what r u doin rite now??
  9. ur myspace pic is currently what?
  10. last question!! whats ur fave. item out of the following?

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