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  • Your Result: You are a racer. 92%

    You are cunning and quick, and you are friendlier than a mamba. You are nice and smart and more than a bit secretive. You have tendency to hang out in woods, and you accept every thing that your friends and family give to you.

    80% You are a garter snake.
    76% You are a rat snake.
    75% You are a mamba.
    65% You are a smooth green snake.
    42% You are a sea snake.
    35% You are a python.
    18% You are a cobra.
    4% You are a coral snake.
    I agree

  • Sea snake

    Yes I know it when people use me and I hate it.

    Yep I'm curious!
    And yes, I seem different to people...a lot.
    Describes my perfectly!
    Thoug h:

    I hate snakes, I'm really phobic of reptiles...snakes are icky and slimy and SCARY and HORRIFIC...I mean, did you see their head and tongue...and their body..*shivers*

    I really liked the quiz!

    Wooden Bridge
  • Sea snake,I do love the waters alot and am very unique to. People often try to use me or are abusive but I don't let them anymore whatsoever and am very defensive over myself now. Cool quiz mate.

  • :D im a rat snake this quiz got me real good

    i am a pest to others :D and i do love nature :D and i have rescued a doggie from being hit by a car :D and now i wanna slap the dog silly :D someday when it does somthing wrong ill slap it silly :D oh look that day is today :D


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